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FREE FILM! Little Voice

The fifth Fall offering of NCC’s popular Movies-of-the-Month FREE Film Series will be the 1998 film Little Voice. The film will be shown on Thursday, November 21 at 6:30 p.m.
in the Gen Re Forum on the NCC East Campus at 188 Richards Ave.

This film is a delightful, hilarious, and often poignant tale of a reclusive, amazingly gifted singer, (played by Jane Horrocks recreating her London stage performance), who hides in her room listening to her late father’s record collection, while her foul-mouthed, slatternly mother, (played by Brenda Blethyn), carries on downstairs with her latest paramour.

When one of those boyfriends, a sleazy promoter (played by Michael Caine) actually happens to hear the daughter singing one evening, he is at first transfixed and then determined to turn her into a star and make himself a bundle of money.

The mother, of course, flies into a jealous rage, while Little Voice only draws more and more within herself. Will she take to the stage? Will the timid boy (Ewan McGregor) who raises pigeons and fancies LV ever break through her impervious shell?

Finding out is loads of fun, in this marvelously entertaining, outrageously funny film. A real sleeper that is quite impossible to resist. Simply put, YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE! Rated “R” for its tangy language and hilarious sex scenes. Trust us, you’re going to LOVE Little Voice! Directed by Mark Herman. Also features Jim Broadbent as the greasy owner of the local “nightclub.”

The public is invited to attend and admission is free.

For additional information, please contact Professor Gary Carlson at:
(203) 857-7349.