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Delegation Visits Nicaragua

In March 2013 a delegation of the Norwalk Nagarote Sister City Project went to Nicaragua. Members of the group ranged from 14 to 87 years of age. During the visit, NCC Early Childhood Community Education Director Joan Parris met with representatives from the Ministry of Education (MINED) and Martha Munguia, Director of Preschools and Special Education in Nagarote and Aurora. The Nagarote Preschool and its needs were discussed by Parris and school administrators and a tour of area preschools took place.

As a result of this meeting, Education Ministers Martha Munguia and Mario Granados will be coming to the United States the week of July 29 to observe best practices in a variety of local preschools here in Connecticut. Munguia and Granados will also visit The Future of America Learning Center in New York.

The tour will provide the Nicaraguan educators with the opportunity to strategize about professional development and practices that can be implemented to support their preschools in Nagarote.

The Norwalk/Nagarote Sister City Project is a partnership for sustainable community development between the people of Nagarote, Nicaragua and the Greater Norwalk Area of Connecticut. The group seeks to build friendship and understanding between the people of the greater Norwalk area and Nagarote in order to help break the cycle of poverty in Nagarote’s poorest barrios.

Work is done on sustainable development projects for youth, housing, reforestation, scholarships, preschool, and micro loans to help the people of Nagarote help themselves. Each year, visiting delegations from both countries support technical and cultural interaction.