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High School Debate Tournament

Norwalk Community College is hosting a high school debate competition November 9th. The debate is one of the events being held in conjunction with the traveling exhibition Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War which will be visiting the college from November 2nd to December 14th.


Date: November 9, 2012


Time: 9am – 2pm


Location: Norwalk Community College


Resolution: U.S. Presidents should not overstep the Constitution during wartime. Debaters should prepare their cases prior to the tournament date, and are expected to be able to support either side of the resolution.


Format: Modified cross-examination debate format used by the Connecticut Debate Association, (see pp. 6-8). There will be three rounds of debate with a break for lunch prior to the third round.


Prizes: Top 5 teams and individuals will be recognized. Semi-Finals and Finals to be held at a later date


Judging Requirements: one adult judge per two teams, preferably with some prior experience


Food and Drink: bring your own


Cost: FREE! If you have any further questions and to register for the debate, please email Claude Morest –