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Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address, and the Transformation of the Civil War:

A Lifetime Learners Institute Lunch and Learn

Friday, November 9, 12 pm

Pepsico Theater, East Campus, Norwalk Community College

The Civil War, which began as a constitutional conflict, ended as a crusade to abolish the institution of slavery.  This talk explores the role of a transformation in President Abraham Lincoln’s thinking, and how this shift reflected the mood of the entire country.  The changed attitude, in turn, led to a fundamental change in the meaning of the Civil War, as well as in the power of the president to lead the country in times of crisis.  After the talk a tour of Lincoln:  The Constitution and the Civil War will be available in the NCC library.  This special Lunch and Learn session is open to the public.


David Koch is an Associate Professor of History at Housatonic Community College whose specialty areas are the Civil War and Native American history.  He has worked for national historical and natural sites, promoting the nation’s physical and historical heritage, and has lectured for organizations across the country and in Europe on such topics as Civil War battles, politics in the Civil War, medicine in the Civil War, Lincoln’s life and political activities, and the American experience of slavery.