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Songs of the American Civil War

Sunday, November 4, 4 pm

The Battle Cry of Freedom, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Dixie, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Goober Peas…these songs from the Civil War era are truly a part of the American musical lexicon.  During an afternoon of song and readings, musicians Stefanie Kies and Nick Carter will be joined by a complement of local musicians on authentic period instruments—drums, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, concertina, bugle, and guitar—to explore the lyrical history of the Civil War.  The program will frame each year of the War Between the States within a particular context:  bravado and marching songs, camp songs, songs about home, and songs of victory and defeat.  The program, which is a collaboration between Norwalk Community College, Greenwich Historical Society, and Greenwich Public Library, was conceived and spearheaded by Stefanie Kies in collaboration with Nick Carter and Tim Schantz and is designed to appeal to all ages.