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Inactive = Club currently seeking members and/or Faculty Advisor.

Accounting ClubBack to top

The purpose of the Accounting Club is to enhance students' knowledge of accounting as it applies to investing, and career opportunities. It is a great place for students in the Accounting Department to meet others with similar interests and to network. We don't think that accounting is dull, and there are real-world applications that are complex and engaging. If you join this club, you will discover the interesting side of accounting.


Faculty Advisor(s):

Tony Romeo, 857-7271

African Culture ClubBack to top

The purpose of the African Culture Club is to bring together African American students and alumni to enlighten them about their past, present and future, and to build upon their existing self esteem. The African Culture Club provides a forum for students to celebrate their African heritage and culture through social and cultural programs, educational seminars and fundraisers.

The African Culture Club is open all students and alumni who are interested in African American Culture. The African Culture Club is a great club to join to learn more about your heritage and meet other students here at NCC.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Al Thomas, 857-7150

Archaeology ClubBack to top

The purpose of the Archaeology Club is to promote the science of archaeology, to study and preserve evidence of native cultures, to plan and carry out archaeological investigations and to strengthen relations between the community and NCC through educational programs and services. We plan field trips to study and apply our archaeological skills, and have speakers come to share their knowledge and experience in this field.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Ernie Wiegand, 857-7377

Art, Anime & Photography ClubBack to top

The Art Club was created to help inspire and enlighten students through exposure to the fine arts. We seek to enrich the lives of our members through field trips to museums, and through lectures, workshops and discussions. We also try to expand our knowledge and appreciation through research materials and photographs of art works (which are available in the NCC Library) that might otherwise be inaccessible.

The Art Club can help enrich your experience here at NCC as it exposes you to some of the finer works of art from around the world or available here in the Northeast. In the process, we will raise your spirit and broaden your understanding and appreciation of art.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Joe Fucigna, 857-3323

Asian ClubBack to top

NCC Asian Club has two primary purposes. The first is to contribute to student awareness and preservation of Asian culture and heritage, within the broader context of our club being open to everyone. One does not need to have an Asian heredity to find Asian culture stimulating and interesting.

Our second purpose is to provide a forum for NCC students to get to know each other in an informal setting. NCCAC has established and will maintain an open and cooperative relationship with the College, the student body, and the community as a whole.

If you are interested in learning about cultures to which you might not yet have been exposed, want to meet other students with similar interests and a sense of intellectual curiosity, this club could help round out your experience here at NCC in a very positive way.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Ann Sommers, 857-7207

Arlette Werner, 857-7118

Basketball ClubBack to top


The purpose of the basketball club is for the NCC students. Any full or part time NCC students are eligible. It is for students to have fun in a noncompetitive environment.

Faculty Advisor(s):


Biology ClubBack to top

The purpose of this organization is to:

Faculty Advisor(s):

Stephanie Brown, 857-3357

Chemistry ClubBack to top

The object of this association is to promote the true understanding and deeper enjoyment of chemistry. Students in this club get together to share and apply their understanding of chemistry, and to investigate the broader influences of chemistry in the surrounding world. Chemistry explains the underlying principles of our physical world, and this club unites students in an effort to explore and apply those principles.

This club is open to all students and is a good place to meet other students while exploring the underlying mysteries and principles of the world of chemistry.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Robert Hall, 857-7103

Club Trio Back to top

The purpose of the CLuB TRiO organization is to provide an opportunity for members (1) to become involved in activities, which will facilitate the development of a campus climate supportive of academic, social, and personal success; (2) to learn leadership skills; (3) to promote cultural awareness through activities on the NCC campus and gain through travel. The CLuB TRiO will support the activities and goals of NCC Trio Student Support Services Program

Faculty Advisor(s):

Jacqueline Castro, 857-

College Bowl ClubBack to top


This club holds competitions of the College Bowl at its meetings. Questions will be asked by a moderator and members will buzz in to answer. The College Bowl has previously been held at the Academic Festival each year.

The club is open to all students, staff and faculty members of the College.

Faculty Advisor(s):


Criminal JusticeBack to top

This club is designed to stimulate the interest and understanding of the various facets of the criminal justice system. Students and teachers use this informal setting to discuss topical issues of interest and to share their understanding of this complex and exciting field.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Althea Seaborn, 857-7096

Dance ClubBack to top

The Dance club�s purpose is to provide dance students of NCC with training, dance lessons and space to practice for shows. The Dance Club is open to all kinds of dance: ballet, hip-hop, modern popping break dance, tutting and more. The club is open to students, faculty and staff.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Linda Lerman, 857-7221

Desi ClubBack to top


The purpose of the Desi Club is to create a platform for students and faculty members to get to know the ethnicity and festivals of the Desi culture, which includes nations such as: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Faculty Advisor(s):


Drama ClubBack to top

Faculty Advisor(s):

Linda Ballard, 857-7364

Early Childhood ClubBack to top

This club is designed to promote interest in the field of early childhood education. The club also acts as an advocate for young children and their families and raises funds for the CDC and Early Childhood Education program at NCC. It is more than that, though. The club gives students and parents an opportunity to meet and discuss child care issues in an informal social setting, and it acts as a forum for students to network and share observations and experiences. If you are interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education, this club can help round out your knowledge and education in this field.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Margaret Dana-Conway, 857-7116

Engineering ClubBack to top

The purpose of the Engineering Club shall be to provide NCC students interested in engineering careers with a forum for activities and the exchange of ideas. The club's activities shall engage students in exploring and investigating scientific and engineering concepts and dilemmas: and in postulating ways of resolving such issues and displaying them to students and faculty of NCC and citizens of Norwalk.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Joseph Karnowski, 857-3378

Euro ClubBack to top

The Euro Club provides a venue for European students at NCC to get together to share their experiences while living in the United States. It is an excellent place to meet other Europeans living here, a place to exchange information and discuss observations of life in a setting different from the one in which we grew up. Students can meet friends, and can share information about American requirements and customs and job opportunities. In many ways, the Euro Club is a support group for students living far from home.

It also gives students an opportunity to explore European culture and heritage. The Euro Club is open to all students from Europe and to any students interested in European culture. It is an excellent place for American students to learn more about cultures and customs of Europe.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Estelle Dattolo, 857-7356

Exercise Science ClubBack to top

This club was created to allow networking and continued education for those having an interest in the exercise science field and other medical majors. We also are involved in community awareness in the benefits of health and fitness. /p>

Faculty Advisor(s):

Nicole Hafner, 857-7330

Film & Television ClubBack to top

The Film & Television Club is a student-run organization that hopes to broaden the college experience for media and mass-communication studies at Norwalk Community College. The club's agenda is chosen by student-elected officials and parallels both the Club's designated advisor and NCC's Communication Arts program agenda. The club's primary intent is to open new channels of opportunity at the college and tap into the creative energy involved with a college student's work. To maintain a healthy and diverse environment all elected officials and club members will encourage campus-wide participation and invite other college programs or fields of student to join in with club initiatives.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Stoney Duren, 857-6888

French ClubBack to top

The purpose of this club is to provide students with an opportunity to explore the rich and textured culture of France and of the French-speaking world. Membership is open to the entire NCC community, and the club gives students an opportunity to discover for themselves the diversity of French culture, customs and cuisine. France is a mosaic of different regions and cultures, and there are numerous countries around the world that have adopted La Lingua Franais as their official language. Come with us on a journey of discovery as we explore the diverse histories and cultures of the French-speaking world.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Robert Lamothe, 857-7371

Gaming ClubBack to top

The NCC Gaming Club was created to give students, faculty and staff members an informal setting to get together to play games. These can include, but are not limited to, fantasy/role-playing games, traditional games like chess or card games. The Gaming Club is a great place to meet students with the same passion for the enjoyment of games. Now that classes have developed your mind, come join us for some good, old-fashioned fun!

Faculty Advisor(s):

Steve Cohen, 857-7367

Global Development ClubBack to top


The Global Development Club (GDC) was founded to help encourage and support the covenants on social, cultural, and economic rights of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This club ardently believes in furthering the rights of individuals and promoting their participation in the decisions that affect their futures. We believe in working to make governments more accountable and more responsible, and we believe in promoting values that can strengthen human dignity and help to resolve socials conflicts to achieve peaceful terms of coexistence throughout the world. We want to help foster a positive environment in which individuals can reach their fullest potential, fulfill their individual destinies and participate in the political decisions that affect their environments.

If you want to help us work towards building a better planet in which every individual is cherished for his or her own unique abilities and accomplishments, this club is the right place to start.

Faculty Advisor(s):


Gay-Straight AllianceBack to top

The Gay-Straight Alliance was founded to create a safe environment for students to meet to discuss topics and issues relating to orientation, its politics and social ramifications. It strives to promote awareness and tolerance with common respect for all individuals. The Gay-Straight Alliance is open to everyone in the NCC Community, and it holds periodic events to increase student awareness on campus and within the community.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Cindy Casper, 857-3328

HASTA ClubBack to top

HASTA is a club that promotes Haitian culture and interests. We bring speakers on campus to discuss and promote awareness on various issues within the Haitian Community. You do not have to be Haitian to enjoy our multifaceted culture, our rich and varied cuisine or our fascinating history. We also work collaboratively with other clubs to sponsor International Day.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Marie-Ange Nicolas, 857-7108

Hay Motivo ClubBack to top

Hay Motivo is an organization that promotes Spanish-American and Hispanic culture. We work to expand the Spanish-American book section in the NCC Library, and inform Hispanic Americans of educational opportunities. We also try to get English-speaking and Spanish-speaking students together to foster mutual respect and cross-cultural interaction, and it is our hope that these different groups can help each other achieve greater mastery in each other's language. We are also an exchange in which students can examine cultural achievements by listening to speakers, guests and other students.

This club is an especially vital resource for native English speakers trying to learn Spanish and for Spanish-speaking students working to improve their English, while they impart their knowledge of Spanish to young Hispanic Americans.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Orlando Soto, 857-7030

Marina Rivera, 857-7019

Hillel ClubBack to top

Hillel�s goal is to bring both Jewish and Non-Jewish students together in a social, education, and cultural setting and involve them in Jewish life/activities. Hillel provides programming for students to participate in a variety of activities that are educational, cultural and socially orientated.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Susan Steitz, 857-7331

Linda Lerman, 857-7221

Hosteurs ClubBack to top

The Hosteurs Club at NCC promotes a stronger interest in hospitality management and in the culinary arts. It is a good place for students interested in hospitality to get together and exchange ideas and their knowledge of the industry. It is designed to promote a better understanding of the fine art of hosting, but it also provides students with a forum to share information, experiences and dreams.

If you are interested in pursuing a career or just wish to broaden your talents in the field while making new friends, the Hosteurs Club is a great group to join.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Dan Cunningham, 857-7158

Improv Comedy ClubBack to top

The purpose of the Improv Comedy Club is first and foremost to create and enjoyable environment in which students with a shared interest can have fund and learn about the art of improvisational comedy.  Through study, observation and practice, members will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of improv.  Additionally, the members will learn to organize events such as performances by the Improv Group or visiting guests that can be beneficial to the entire school.  Finally, the Improv Comedy Club will provide a place where students go to meet and socialize with like-minded members.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Gary Carlson, 857-7349

Robert Masterson

Legal Assistant SocietyBack to top

The Legal Assistant Society is an association of students and alumni designed to promote a better understanding of the role of Legal Assistants in today's market. The Society works to develop internships and future job prospects for students. In addition, the Society will sponsor seminars and educational field trips to help supplement our on-going education.

This club is open to all students enrolled at NCC and to all alumni who have completed their training in this field. If you are interested in networking with other students within a social and relaxed setting, this club can help you attain some very specific results.

The Legal Assistant Society is a member of the Connecticut Association of Paralegals.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Tom Jackson, 857-7152

Literature/Creative Writers ClubBack to top

NCCs LIT CLUB has been around for over 15 years, and were always looking for new members. Over the years, weve been involved in a number of exciting activities, from group readings (originally called Read-Arounds) to writers workshops, film screenings, musical presentations, poetry slams, book discussions, field trips (to New York City to hear famous writers, to New Haven to see both new and classic plays), roles in organizing NCCs first CT Writers Conferences, sponsoring our Annual Creative Writing Contest, helping with the creating and promoting of NCCs literary magazine (currently called Musings)all sorts of interesting, entertaining, and educational activities, and most of them absolutely FREE!

Faculty Advisor(s):

Gary Carlson, 857-7349

Medical Assistant ClubBack to top

This club provides students with information about the Medical Assistant program and promotes health education on campus and in the community

Students at NCC have organized the club for Medical Assistant Program students and for students interested in the field. The purpose of the club is to learn more about the work performed and opportunities available for medical assistants. Community service projects will also be planned during the course of each semester.

Come and join us! All members of the NCC community are welcome.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Lauren Perlstein, 857-6852

Military Veteran's ClubBack to top

This club will provide a location for members to discuss and participate in school and military-related activities. The club will focus on providing educational guidance and support for military veterans, reservists and guard members as well as assist with adjustment to college life.

Charlie Kruzshak, 857-7015

Multicultural ClubBack to top

This club has been created to celebrate the diversity of cultural experiences and backgrounds that exists at NCC and within our larger community as a whole. NCC is fortunate to have a student body with a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds. We have had students attending NCC from 86 different countries over the past two years, and our American students come from broadly disparate cultural heritages. NCC's Multicultural Club provides students with an informal setting in which they can share their experiences and sensibilities. Students can meet old friends and new friends and can compare and contrast customs within a context of common courtesy and curiosity. Understanding breeds respect, and the Multicultural Club is designed to enhance mutual understanding and acceptance within NCC and within our larger society.

No club at NCC can say it is open to everyone with as much enthusiasm as we do.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Debra Simons, 857-7128

Music ClubBack to top

The Music club exists to provide a sanctum in which all those who are passionate and dedicated to the understanding and practice of music may regardless of background and or style, exchange ideas and explore new concepts to the end decisively coming together in a collective body to form an outreach in which they may bring all aspects of music to the student body en masse.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Gunnar Sahlin, 857-7209



Patrick Boland, 857-7032
Todd Hampton

MusingsBack to top

The mission of Musings is to promote the literary and creative arts; and to collect and publish the best examples of literary and artistic achievement from the Student Body at Norwalk Community College.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Chris Japely, 857 - 7283

Nursing ClubBack to top

The purpose of this organization is to bring together students who are interested in careers in nursing. The Nursing Club is a forum for students to increase their knowledge about the most recent developments in health care and to share contacts within the nursing profession. Students can get together in an informal setting to discuss health care and job issues that relate to nursing, and they can share information about job requirements, schedules and availability. In these respects, the Nursing Club is an informal support group for students interested or engaged in this challenging and rewarding field.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Judith Mocciola, 857-7393

Philosophy ClubBack to top

The Philosophy Club at NCC provides students with a forum for thoughtful - and thought-provoking - discussions on philosophical issues that have a bearing on the College or the broader community it serves. These are generally taken from topics of interest to the members of the group that comprises the club at any given moment, and they are designed and posed to stimulate critical thinking and thoughtful reflection. Perhaps, more importantly, the Philosophy Club seeks to engender at atmosphere of mutual tolerance and respect for other responsible viewpoints and opinions. It strives to help students fashion logical and well-constructed arguments to support their own positions while it encourages them to find value and meaning in those arguments put forward by others.

If you like looking at contemporary issues with an open and discerning mind in an environment of mutual respect and admiration, you can truly broaden your mind by becoming a member of this club.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Ed Grippe, 857-7170

Phi Theta KappaBack to top

Phi Theta Kappa is the largest International Honor Society for Two-Year Colleges. The purpose of this organization is to promote participation in community service and other college activities. Its goal is to recognize and encourage scholarship among NCC students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa provides the opportunity for the development of leadership and service; an intellectual climate; lively fellowship with scholars and the stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.

To find out more, visit these websites as well:

Phi Theta Kappa - New England Region

Phi Theta Kappa - International Honor Society of the Two Year College

Faculty Advisor(s):

Steve Glazer, 857-3326

Physical Therapist Assistance ClubBack to top

The Physical Therapy club stands to represent the physical therapy profession on the NCC campus and to promote the physical therapy profession through academic, social and civic service. Club membership is open to all students. The club conducts at least one educational program each semester, and is involved in a variety of community activities designed to assist in professional development, fundraising, and social life.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Jennifer Bresnick, 857-7198

Psychology ClubBack to top

The purpose of this club is to expand the students knowledge and understanding of Psychology through lectures, discussions, workshops, and access to research materials in the library.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Dr. William Grodman, 857-7295

Respiratory Care ClubBack to top

This club was designed to give Respiratory Care Students an opportunity to meet to discuss emerging technologies, different procedures and traditional protocols used in the field of respiratory care. It provides students an opportunity to meet and discuss viewpoints and procedures beyond the traditional confines of their classroom learning. It also offers students an opportunity to share their educational and work experiences and allows them an opportunity to discuss employment opportunities as interns or as full-time employees.

If you are currently enrolled in the College's Respiratory Care Program, or if you have an interest in the field, this club is a wonderful group to join to help you further your knowledge and understanding of this complex and rewarding field of endeavor.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Maria Grayson, 857-6917

Respiratory Care ClubBack to top

This club was designed to give Respiratory Care Students an opportunity to meet to discuss emerging technologies, different procedures and traditional protocols used in the field of respiratory care. It provides students an opportunity to meet and discuss viewpoints and procedures beyond the traditional confines of their classroom learning. It also offers students an opportunity to share their educational and work experiences and allows them an opportunity to discuss employment opportunities as interns or as full-time employees.

If you are currently enrolled in the College's Respiratory Care Program, or if you have an interest in the field, this club is a wonderful group to join to help you further your knowledge and understanding of this complex and rewarding field of endeavor.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Maria Grayson, 857-6917

Rotaract ClubBack to top

The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for NCC Students to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Fnu Mihir, 857-7390

Service Learning ClubBack to top

The purpose of the Service Learning Club is to offer students an opportunity to engage in service learning projects, explore public service career options, investigate social problems, become more involved in the Fairfield County area community, and develop friendships with other service-minded students in an enhanced learning community environment.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Courtney Anstett, 857-3369

SADD ClubBack to top

SADD is dedicated to addressing the issues of underage drinking, impaired driving, drug use, and other destructive decisions. SADD aims to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the serious issues young adults are facing today through the teaching of empowerment and confidence building.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Aaron Saunders, 857-3390

Soccer ClubBack to top

The purpose of the NCC Soccer Club is to promote the game of soccer among NCC students, to participate in team sports and to play league games against other clubs and colleges. The goal of the club is to engage and demonstrate sportsmanship both on and off the field, support and promote NCC, develop social skills, be physically active and have fun.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Roger Silva, 857-7199

Softball ClubBack to top


The purpose of this club is to promote athletic well-being through competitive softball. The Norwalk Community College Softball Club will play in the Norwalk Parks and Recreation League and will abide by all written rules and regulations.

Faculty Advisor(s):


Speech ClubBack to top

The purpose of the Speech Club is to provide a setting in which students can showcase their speaking abilities through competitive speaking events. Students can elect to compete in Individual Events (e.g. Informative Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, etc.) and/or as members of Debate Teams.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Susan Seidell, 857-7102

Student GovernmentBack to top

The Student Government has been designed to represent students in College matters that interest or affect them. It governs and administers the Student Activities Fund, and it accepts and evaluates requests for funds. It also helps to ensure diversity and quality among programs designed for the College Student Body, and promotes the rights and general welfare of students at NCC.

The Student Government is NCC's representative body, and it works to promote the interests of students at the College.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Student World AssemblyBack to top

The Student World Assembly is a non-governmental, non-partisan organization created to represent students globally. It provides a deliberative assembly where students around the world can exchange views, vote on global issues through online discussion forums and in annual international conventions, and translate these views into meaningful actions.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Robert Emigh, 857-3358

Mary Frances Carmell, 857-7343

The VoiceBack to top

The NCC Voice is a laboratory of Norwalk Community Colleges Communication Arts curricula. It serves as an educational tool, and also serves the entire College community by reporting the news, including College events and activities. The newspaper provides a forum for comment and criticism. It encourages free expression as guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Lori Soderlind, 857-7279

Ann O'Connell

Theatre Arts ClubBack to top

The Theatre Arts club hopes to foster attitudes, understandings, skills and enjoyment so each student's artistic potential may be developed. In developing their potential, students will realize that lifelong participation in the arts is a valuable part of a life fully lived.

Faculty Advisor(s):

Sara Bell

Wellness ClubBack to top

The Wellness Club exists to improve the general well being and health of the Norwalk Community College campus community. The club?s purpose is to promote and educate, encouraging lifestyle modifications to move toward optimal health, supporting strong relationships - with oneself, with one another, and with the world around us. This is reflected in the seven domains of wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational and environmental. Wellness has many shades of colors, and needs to be approachable and do-able.


Faculty Advisor(s):

Tyler Griese, 857-7195

Woman Center ClubBack to top

The Woman's Center Club is formed to promote understanding and awareness of issues that impact the lives of women at NCC within the student body and the community. In order to accomplish this mission, the Women's Center seeks to facilitate educational, social and service oriented activities and programming on campus that relates to gender awareness. The Woman's Center Club seeks to heighten sensitivity and awareness of women's issues in the college community and to empower students who participate in the clubs activities and programs.


Faculty Advisor(s):

Bernice Marie-Daly, 857-6943

YANA - Your Are Not AloneBack to top

The purpose of the YANA Club is to educate and increase students, faculty, and administrators' awareness of mental health issues; as well as combat the stigma that surrounds mental illness by breaking the silence, shame, secrecy, myths and ignorance that create barriers to seeking help.

Faculty Advisor (s):

Gary Capobianco, 857-3351