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Policy - Acceptable Use Policy


Issued on December 16, 2002 by Chancellor Herzog)


This Policy governs the acceptable use of Connecticut Community Colleges (CCC) Information Technology (IT) resources. These resources are a valuable asset to be used and managed responsibly to ensure their integrity, security, and availability for appropriate academic and administrative use.

Users of CCC IT resources are responsible for using those resources in accordance with CCC policies and the law. Use of CCC IT resources is a privilege that depends upon appropriate use of those resources. Individuals who violate CCC policy or the law regarding the use of IT resources are subject to loss of access to those resources as well as to CCC disciplinary and/or legal action.



The purpose of this Policy is to:

  • Ensure that CCC IT resources are used for purposes appropriate to the CCC mission and goals;

  • Prevent disruptions to and misuse of CCC IT resources; 

  • Ensure that the CCC community is aware that use of  CCC IT resources is subject to state and federal laws and the CCC policies; and

  • Ensure that IT resources are used in compliance with those laws and the CCC policies.


This Policy applies to:

  • All  IT resources owned or managed by the CCC;

  • All IT resources provided by the CCC through contracts and other agreements with the CCC; and

  • All users and uses of CCC IT resources.


The following terms are used in this Policy. Knowledge of these definitions is important to an understanding of this Policy:

Appropriate CCC Authority:  Chancellor, College President or designee.

Compelling Circumstances: Circumstances in which time is of the essence or failure to act might result in property loss or damage, adverse effects on IT resources, loss of evidence of one or more violations of law or of the CCC policies or liability to the CCC or to members of the CCC community.

IT Resources: This includes, but is not limited to, computers, computing staff, hardware, software, networks, computing laboratories, databases, files, information, software licenses, computing-related contracts, network bandwidth, usernames, passwords, documentation, disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, magnetic tapes, and electronic communication.


Policy. This Policy was issued by the Chancellor of the CCC after consultation with appropriate councils, including the Council of Presidents and the Information Technology Policy Committee.

Implementation. In support of this Policy, system standards and procedures shall be developed, published and maintained. And where CCC standards and procedures do not exist, each college is responsible for policy implementation.

Informational Material. Each college shall ensure that users of CCC IT resources are aware of all IT policies, standards and procedures as appropriate. 


The CCC considers any violation of acceptable use to be a serious offense and reserves the right to copy and examine any files or information resident on CCC IT resources to ensure compliance.  Violations of this policy should be reported to the appropriate CCC authority. 

Sanctions of Law.  Both federal and state law prohibit theft or abuse of IT resources.  Abuses include (but are not limited to) unauthorized entry, use, transfer, tampering with the communications of others, and interference with the work of others and with the operation of IT resources.  Any form of harassing, defamatory, offensive, illegal, discriminatory, obscene, or pornographic communication, at any time, to any person is also prohibited by law.  Violations of law may result in criminal penalties.

Disciplinary Actions.Violators of this Policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal or expulsion pursuant to applicable Board policies and collective bargaining agreements.


There is no expectation of privacy in the use of CCC IT resources. CCC reserves the right to inspect, monitor, and disclose all IT resources including files, data, programs and electronic communications records without the consent of the holder of such records.


In making acceptable use of CCC IT resources you must:

  • use resources solely for legitimate and authorized administrative and academic purposes.

  • protect your User ID and IT resources from unauthorized use. You are responsible for all activities on your User ID or that originate from IT resources under your control.

  • access only information that is your own, that is publicly available, or to which you have been given authorized access.

  • use only legal versions of copyrighted software in compliance with vendor license requirements.

  • use shared resources appropriately. (e.g. refrain from monopolizing systems, overloading networks with excessive data, degrading services, or wasting computer time, connect time, disk space, printer paper, manuals, or other resources).

In making acceptable use of CCC IT resources you must NOT:

  • use CCC IT resources to violate any CCC policy or state or federal law.

  • use another person's IT resource, User ID, password, files, or data.

  • have unauthorized access or breach any security measure including decoding passwords or accessing control information, or attempt to do any of the above.

  • engage in any activity that might be harmful to IT resources or to any information stored thereon, such as creating or propagating viruses, disrupting services, damaging files or making unauthorized modifications to computer data.

  • make or use illegal copies of copyrighted materials or software, store such copies on CCC IT resources, or transmit them over CCC networks.

  • harass or intimidate others or interfere with the ability of others to conduct CCC business.

  • directly or indirectly cause strain on IT resources such as downloading large files, unless prior authorization from the appropriate CCC authority is given.

  • use CCC IT resources for personal purposes including but not limited to, monetary gain, commercial or political purposes.

  • engage in any other activity that does not comply with the general principles presented above.


Use of CCC IT resources may be wholly or partially restricted or rescinded by CCC without prior notice and without the consent of the user under conditions such as:

  • when required by and consistent with law;

  • when there is reason to believe that violations of law or the CCC policies have taken or may take place; or

  • when there are compelling circumstances.

Restriction of use under such conditions is subject to appropriate procedures or approval of appropriate CCC authority.


CCC disclaims any responsibility for and does not warranty information and materials residing on non-CCC systems or available over publicly accessible networks.  Such materials do not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions or values of CCC, its faculty, staff or students.


As laws change from time to time, this Policy may be revised as necessary to reflect such changes.  It is the responsibility of  users to ensure that they have reference to the most current version of the CCC Acceptable Use Policy.

Portions of this policy are based on language contained in the Acceptable Use Of Information Systems At Virginia Tech dated June 16, 2000. The CCC gratefully acknowledges Virginia Tech for permission to use its policy.