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Financial Aid FAQ


How can I register online with Financial Aid?

You can register online for course online, however if you are using Financial Aid, you must come into our office and get a pending letter for the fall 2011. The Business Office will not automatically credit your Financial Aid to your registration. Once you have registered online you have 24hours to come in and fill out a pending letter to hold your classes until your fall 2011 aid is available. Please note that only completed FAFSA's will be issued a pending letter. A completed FAFSA means that if you are required to hand in documents in order to process your FAFSA for award, that must be done first before you can be issued a pending letter.


What if I cannot finalize my Financial Aid with the Business Office like the Pending Letter asks?


The pending letter states " After July 1 when I am notified f my award for 2011-2011, I will go to the Business Office to finalize my registration" Since July 1st is the Friday before the July 4th holiday, Financial Aid students will be required to come to the BUSINESS OFFICE to finalize your Financial Aid for 2011-2012. If you cannot go to the Business Office in person, someone else may go on your behalf. HOWEVER, if there is a problem with your Financial aid the student must be present or if the student signed a release form in the Financial Aid Office, those listed can have access to act on their behalf.

When should I apply for Financial Aid? Is there a deadline to apply for Financial Aid?

You should apply for Financial Aid for the next academic year as soon as you file your income taxes with the IRS. For example is your planning on taking classes at NCC for 2007-2008 Academic Year; classes start September 4, 2007, you must file your income taxes for 2006 with the IRS first. After filing your income taxes with the IRS you can come into the Financial Aid Office Monday - Thursday from 8:30AM - 5:00Pm or Fridays from 8:30AM - 4:00PM and use one of our computers to apply for Financial Aid or use your home computer to apply by going to using your PIN.

There is no deadline for applying for Financial Aid, however, money is awarded on a first come first serve basis. You should follow the below dates as a guideline to when you should apply:

*If you apply for Financial Aid after these dates; remember Financial Aid is awarded on a First Come First Serve Basis.

What is a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and How do I get one?

A PIN or Personal Identification Number is a four digit number assigned to you by the Federal Government in order to "sign" your FAFSA form online. If you are a dependent student ( under the age of 24 and live with a parent or guardian) your parent or guardian must have a PIN number too. If you do not have a PIN or have lost your PIN go to If you need a PIN for the first time go to the "Apply for a PIN" box on the right hand side of the page and click "apply now" button. If you have lost your PIN you select "Request a Duplicate PIN" link on the left hand side of the page.

I applied for Financial Aid once do I have to apply again?

Each new academic year you must apply for Financial Aid online at .

What is an Academic Year at NCC?

An Academic Year at NCC is broken into Fall and Spring semesters; for example:

The 2006-2007 Academic year was Fall 2006 which started in September 2006 and ended December 2006. Spring 2007 started in January 2007 and will end in May 2007.

If you are planning on attending the next Academic Year which is 2007-2008 you must use your 2006 Tax Returns and apply again for Financial Aid at

What does Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) mean? Where can I get more information about about SAP?

Satisfactory Academic Progress(SAP) is how the Financial Aid Office monitors your progress towards completion of degree or certificate. Any student receiving Federal Title IV (PELL, FSEOG) or other Financial Aid is subject to SAP. Please click here for the full Satisfactory Academic Program. 

Satisfactory Academic Program

What is Norwalk Community College's School Code?

NCC's School code for the FAFSA is 001399, please enter this code on your FAFSA application when you apply for Financial Aid.

What do I do if I need to drop a classes and I have Financial Aid?

If Financial Aid paying for your classes you must check with your Financial Aid Counselor first before dropping classes. Failure to do so can result in you paying back all or a portion of your Financial Aid back to NCC and/or the United States Department of Education. If you have any questions about who your Financial Aid Counselor is please go to Contact Us for a list of Financial Aid Staff members and their phone numbers and email addresses.

How does Financial Aid Send me Information about my Award?

You are notified about your Financial Aid award and status by email. The email you entered on your NCC application NOT the FAFSA application is the email used to communicate with you. If you have changed your email address, mailing address, and telephone number please go to the Records Office to up-date your information.