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Legal Assistant Program

Legal Assistant Program

Mission Statement

This curriculum, which is approved by the American Bar Association, is designed to prepare students for careers as legal assistants in law offices, corporations and public agencies. The legal assistant is a para-professional who, under the supervision of an attorney, performs specifically delegated, substantive, legal work that may ethically be performed by a non-lawyer.

Legal assistants, or paralegals (the terms are interchangeable), are in heavy demand in the Northeast and throughout the United States. They perform specifically delegated legal work under the supervision of an attorney. They are deeply involved in substantive legal proceedings, up to the point that the work may be ethically performed by individuals who are not lawyers.

Students are provided a general background in the major fields of law that is practiced in legal offices. Students are trained to prepare documents, such as probate forms, title searches and closing documents, pleadings and discovery proceedings, legal memoranda and corporate filings and minutes. Skilled legal assistants are in high demand and can help attorneys operate more efficiently and economically.

Degree Program

Students wishing to enter NCC's Legal Assistant Program must have strong verbal and English writing skills. Students must be eligible for EN 101 to register for any other Legal Assistant courses. Students who successfully complete this program will be awarded an Associate in Science Degree.

Certificate Program

NCC's Legal Assistant Certificate Program is designed for students who already have Associate Degrees or higher (with a minimum of 18 liberal arts credits). The program requires 30 credit hours of study and leads to a certificate for those who successfully complete their studies.

To learn more about the Legal Assistant Program, please call either the Admissions Office at (203) 857-7060 or the Coordinator at (203) 857-7152.

Legal Assistant Society

All NCC Legal Assistant Program are members of this student club, which arranges yearly trips to the US Supreme Court, sponsors seminars and symposia on current issues, and provides a network for social and job placement opportunities. The Legal Assistant Society is a member of the Connecticut Association of Paralegals.

Link to Legal Assistant Society

For additional information, please contact Professor Tom Jackson in Room 704d on the West Campus, call him at (203) 857-7152 or e-mail him at or see Professor Lia Barone in Room W 704d, call her at 857-7333 or e-mail her at