College Open WEDNESDAY, January 28th

For Wednesday, January 28: Registration, advising, and add-drop today between 1pm-6pm. Spring 2015 registration and on-line registration will continue through Friday, January 30th. Please register and pay on-line at any time. Senior Registration has been moved to Monday, Feb. 2nd, 10:30 am -12:30 pm.

Nursing and Allied Health

Technical Standards Required for Respiratory Care

In order to perform the tasks required of a respiratory care practitioner certain physical capabilities are required. Students must demonstrate the ability to perform required functions, as a routine part of classroom, laboratory or clinical education. Students should be aware that successful completion of the Respiratory Care Program will depend upon their ability to meet the following technical standards. These standards are capabilities associated with the successful practice of respiratory care. Under no circumstances are they considered conditions for acceptance to the Respiratory Care Program.